Friday, September 3, 2010


Mixed Media on Canvas  12" x 12"
This is the second in a series I am doing about "excavation".  There are many materials and layers of collage and paint that I put on the canvas, then I "excavate" to see what emerges.   The process is what I find so fascinating, and how things emerge from the depths.


Blue Sky Dreaming said... the depths...these are beautiful in their reveal...their many layers. We are kindred spirits in this area...I'm in love with the parts revealed and how they tell the story. said...

Cool concept - love the title!

Willy. said...

Outside the borders!!

jane said...

love, love, love the tones. :)

Anonymous said...

excavate...I love using sandpaper for that... and the blues... I am falling deep into them.

Leslie said...

Beautiful! I love those colors!

Outside The Lines said...

Mary Ann...Yes, kindred spirits we are...thank you

Eve....thanks for your comments

Willy...thank you

Jane...thank you

grrl + dog....thanks

Leslie...thank you

Anonymous said...

I've been missing your comments on flickr!! I had to come by and see what you've been up to. I love your newest work - very "raw". Great title as well! Hope all is well, obviously you're busy which is a very good thing! Take good care~Cindy

ArtPropelled said...

Exciting concept! Excavating ...core samples ....strata ..... my mind is going off in many directions at once.

Anonymous said...

Now these are cool! All rough and raw.

Barry said...

These pieces almost look like they were found - with history being exposed as each layer is torn off. I like the colour contrast and balance. Barry

Outside The Lines said...

Cindy...thanks for looking me up. I've missed your comments as well as those of my other flickr friends. Hope you are well and busy creating!

Robyn...yes I think the concept of excavating brings up such a variety of directions one could choose to pursue.

Don...thanks for your comments.

Barry...thanks for your comments, interesting that the pieces look as if they were found to you...that is exciting for me.