Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Seattle Art Museum is featuring a Picasso Exhibit . We are going next weekend, and I am so excited, I can barely wait. I was lucky enough to see a Picasso Exhibit at the LA County Museum of Art about 10 years ago that featured paintings of the women in his life, including Dora Maar.  It was such a profound experience, I'll never forget it. This exhibition features over 150 works of art from the Musee National Picasso in Paris, including this one titled Wounded Bird and Cat completed by Picasso in 1939. 


cbmosaics said...

So lucky! Wish I could go. :)

Anonymous said...

Its those eyes! Should be a great show- the Picasso Museum in Paris is just amazing.

Laura said...

Hope you enjoyed the exhibition, we are lucky enough to have a permanant display of his in thr picasso museum in Malaga. Ive just read Picasso's War which is mostly about his Guernica creation .

Willy. said...

The one and only!!!
Reality is not far away.
Have fun, Willy

Outside The Lines said...

CB...thanks for stopping by x2!

Don...Oh lucky you to have been to Paris to see Picasse!

Laura...That sounds like a great book! You, too have a picasso museum, so lucky!

Willy...Will have great fun, and thanks for stopping by!

jaboopee said...

lucky you, when we were in barcelona in 1999 saw an amazing picasso exhibition that detailed his work from the year dot....lots of really interesting line drawings.... looking forward to your report cynthia and thanks so much for your comment on mine.

Outside The Lines said...

Elaine...lucky you to see Picasso in Barcelona! Thanks!

Lynda Lehmann said...

I've never seen a large Picasso exhibit, except in the permanent collections of large NY museums.

It must have been a great show.

The last show I saw that knocked my socks off was the Kandinsky show at the Guggenheim, about a year ago.