Friday, September 2, 2011

New Work

Untitled #1  12" x 16"  Acrylic on Water Color Paper

Just returned to my studio after a 10 day holiday followed by entertaining out of town guests.  Working at a faster pace on paper instead of canvas seems more freeing and less constraining some how.  My goal is to quiet all the thoughts and just let the paint flow. 


Helen Nock said...

Love this new work Cynthia. So expressive :)

Barry said...

CM- free, vibrant and simply clear - hope you can continue to just go with this - we can often try too hard and overwork stuff. Go well. B

Willy. said...

Hi, Cynthia
Perfect balance ,open mind with Amazone feelings!!
say yes, or now, with cyber parapschygologica.

Anonymous said...

I think I have to keep coming back here..

your use and love of that deep cobalt color is catching my eye.

never was a blue person, but am making it a practice to include it now.

The coffee addicted author.... said...

These are great. I also prefer paper to canvas. My favorite are the sheets of canvas paper I can get at the local art store. My specialty is drawing but I am attempting to get into painting because I find it much more freeing than the high details of ink drawing.

Jo Murray said...

The colour is superb and I love the strength of those surface lines.