Thursday, March 11, 2010

Margaret Mellis

As I was surfing the internet I came upon the most fabulous artist, Margaret Mellis, who was previously unfamiliar to me.  It seems so serendipitous as this time, in my quest to use found wood, not as the substrate for my mosaic work, but as the main component of my work, that I would come across the most fabulous assemblages of old wood  found washed up on the beach by Ms. Mellis.  Apparently, this wood was originally intentioned to be used as firewood, but she could not part with it, and began storing it in her studio.  I recommend reading the Michael Bird essay The Transformed Total: Margaret Mellis's Constructions to find out more about how the assemblages came together, as well as more about the life of this wonderful artist.


Anonymous said...

Margaret's work is wonderful, Monica.

There's also an artist in Australia called Rosalie Gascoigne.
She's one of my favourite Australian artists and she creates wonderful patterns using found materials.

Outside The Lines said...

Hi Jane...Thanks so much for the link to Rosalie Gascoigne! I just saw her interviewed on Utube....what a wonderful woman and a fabulous artist! I love her!

Seth said...

Thank you for this link. This is something so organic about the piece you featured here.