Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I found this old piece of wood at the park down the street where I walk our dog Boomer.  I saw  it laying in a pile of refuse, and felt the need to rescue it and cart it home.  I am attracted  to old wood, as I love the texture and the feel, and I always think I get a sense of the tree from whence it came.  As an example, this piece of wood just seems to exist so simply in a zen sort of way.  Some would just see flaws, and wear, and in this case, a "mistaken cut" someone made.  But I see a proud piece of wood....maybe the last that survived from a grand old tree that once graced this earth. 

I have been thinking of working with wood in a new way.  I realized I have been covering up its worn and aged beauty with mosaics, only letting the sides of the wood show.  Some months back I  took some of my work to a gallery and I received a comment that the substrate of old, thick wood did not make a good marriage with the "tightness" of my mosaic work.  But, I thought to myself, it is the wood that inspires me, it is the wood that is my muse.  Why then, am I covering it up?  I really don't know........


Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts, Cynthia. I'm sure you'll be able to do a piece where the mosaic element compliments the grain of the wood.

Isn't it ironic how seemingly negative comments can act as turning points in our works? I can't wait to see what you produce next.

best wishes, Jane

Outside The Lines said...

Thanks Jane for your comments and thoughts. Yes, you are right. Negative comments can be like "aha" moments, maybe pointing out something in a new light.