Monday, April 19, 2010


Eagle, 1971
Painted steel
Alexander Calder
American, 1898-1976
465 x 390 x 390 in. (1181.1 x 990.6 x 990.6cm); estimated weight 6 tons

Today is a very grey day here in Portland, so since I am in a grey state of mind, I decided to post a shot I took on another very grey day in Seattle, when Corbett and I were visiting the Sculpture Park.  If you are in Seattle, I highly recommend a visit; you can easily walk there from Pikes Market.  I think Calder would have been delighted to see the sculpture in this spectacular setting....the Eagle really does soar.


DeeDee said...

Howdy..thanks so much for visiting my blog today....I love your vision and arts here on your blog..kinda spitual for me. loved you piece called Struggle...Please come again the door is always open..

Outside The Lines said...

Hi DeeDee...Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments!

jaboopee said...

really strong and dramatic in colour and shape...
great contrast with the sea alright
cynthia, thanks so much for your lovely comments , your too kind.
aside from my inclusion i do really love that book much inspiration.

Outside The Lines said...

Thanks Elaine for your comments!