Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FIVE FAVS -My photos - I am playing with Pip at Meet Me At Mikes

Summertime in Hood River
 My favorite Rhododendron

  A surprise visitor
 Bob Marley in downtown Portland
Jonathan Borofsky, Hammering Man, Seattle Art Museum
1992, 48' x 30" x 7"

I am playing with Pip at


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I haven't seen a Jonathon Borofsky sculpture in years...nice to see again!

jaboopee said...

lovely , i have it in my plan to visit portland oregon one day , me and joe are going to hire a big old american car and drive all over america. day.

Outside The Lines said...

Yes Mary Ann...Jonathan Borofsky is one of my favorites ever since I visited the art museum at La Jolla, CA, and saw one of his Hammering Mans!

Elaine...What a fun trip to drive all over America! If you are ever in portland, definitely look me up!

ELFI CELLA said...

joli mix de photos!