Sunday, May 9, 2010

A MORPHING of sorts

The work in my previous post "morphed" into this.  On the old piece I stuck everything down with thinset, then I wasn't happy with the MDF substrate, or the tinted brown thinset I used.  So......I chipped away at the thinset, removed everything, then decided to use one of the pieces of old wood from my collection as the substrate.  I am much happier now, but this piece may be a morphing of sorts from the realm of mosaic to the realm of mixed media.  Nothing is stuck down yet, it is just in the beginning stages...but I am happy  :o)


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Each piece is interesting on it's own and together very interesting composition! Chipping away at thinset sounds like a work out...glad you are happier!

cbmosaics said...

Oh I LOVE how this morphed!! I love how the turquoise and purple stand out from the neutrals.

jaboopee said...

happiness is what it's all about,at the recent collage and assemblage course i did we learnt ways of fixing things to surfaces using wires and drills meant decisions could be changed , the permanency of thinset frightens me , though you did find a way around it.... it's all about sticking with your decisions isn't it ?

Outside The Lines said...

Mary Ann...thanks, and you are right about chipping away thinset...not a fun job...Corbett helped :o)

CB...Thanks for your comments and your "morphing" encouragement!

Elaine...I wish I could have taken that course with you, I could use a lesson in fixing things to surfaces with wires and drills....yes, sticking to decisions is a good thing....thanks!

ELFI CELLA said...

la rouille nous fait penser , que nous ne sommes pas éternel..
joli travail..